Technical Paper Making it Real, Keeping it Real: Implementing Housing and Health Collaborations
Brenda C. Spillman, Eva H. Allen, Josh Leopold, Kimberly Walker
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Collaboration between health care and housing providers can provide vulnerable populations, including individuals experiencing homelessness, elderly, and people with disabilities, better access to stable housing, health care, and other services to help keep them healthy and safe. This guide introduces key concepts for developing and implementing a collaboration, including selecting a target population, building a service package, and coordinating between partners through regular communication and data sharing. We include examples from successful collaborations to illustrate issues and possible solutions, and point to resources for more in-depth information where available.
Research Areas Health and health care Housing
Tags Health insurance Federal housing programs and policies Federal health care reform Health care delivery and payment Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program  State health care reform Housing vouchers and mobility Hospitals and physicians Homelessness Housing affordability Social determinants of health Public and assisted housing
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