Brief The Local Government System in Pakistan: Citizens Perceptions and Preferences
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Since the 2008 elections, there has been a lively debate in Pakistan on the reform of local government. Initially, this debate involved stakeholders from many government levels. Later, other voices joinedacademics and policy analysts, columnists and media commentators, and representatives of civil society organizations. What was missing was a voice for citizens. This report presents the results of an opinion survey on citizens views of local government in Pakistan, carried out in October 2008, by the Urban Institute (UI) and ACNielsen (Nielsen). The survey was carried out at a moment in which all of the provinces in Pakistan were reviewing and reforming their local government systems to improve the delivery of services. The survey is intended to solicit and present the citizens voicewhich needs to be taken into account as provinces and the federal government move forward.
Research Areas International development
Tags International public administration and local government