Brief Local Government Revenue, Land Use, and Economic Development Policies in Serbia: The Case of Nis
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Anthony Levitas
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The purpose of this note is to help both local and national government officials think through possible strategies for addressing one of the fundamental issues facing Serbian municipalities today: How do Serbian local governments increase the revenues they need to improve their public infrastructure while simultaneously creating an environment favorable to private investment and local economic development? This is a dilemma that local governments face throughout the world but which is particularly pressing in many developing and transition countries where local governments must address huge deficits in urban infrastructure without at the same time over taxing their business communities upon which their future growth depends. It is also of particular importance in Nis, the third largest city in Serbia and the economic engine of the southern and least developed part of the country.
Research Areas International development
Tags International municipal and intergovernmental finance International public administration and local government International housing and land markets International urban development and the environment