Research Report The Launch of the Affordable Care Act in Eight States: Outreach, Education, and Enrollment Assistance
Ian Hill, Margaret Wilkinson, Brigette Courtot
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The Affordable Care Act's success depends on whether eligible, uninsured persons can enroll in health coverage. Meeting enrollment goals partially hinges on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to raise public awareness, and application assistance programs that help consumers enroll. This brief examines ACA-related marketing, outreach, and application assistance efforts in eight states: five that have aggressively participated in ACA implementation and three states that have taken a limited approach. Differences in the intensity of efforts across states are starkwith some launching multi-pronged marketing campaigns and funding community-based organizations and providers to lend hands-on assistance with enrollment, and others investing much less energy and resources in such efforts. These differences may ultimately contribute to noticeably different enrollment experiences during early ACA implementation.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Health and health care Taxes and budgets
Tags Fiscal policy Health insurance State and local tax issues
Policy Centers Health Policy Center