Research Report Kids' Share 2011
Julia B. Isaacs, Heather Hahn, Stephanie Rennane, C. Eugene Steuerle, Tracy Vericker
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Kids' Share 2011: Report on Federal Expenditures on Children through 2010, a fifth annual report, looks comprehensively at trends over the past 50 years in federal spending and tax expenditures on children. Key findings suggest that the size and composition of expenditures on children have changed considerably, but children have not been a budget priority. Federal expenditures on children in 2010, were 11 percent of the federal budget, slightly higher than in 2009.This increase is temporary, however, with the children's share of the budget expected to shrink to less than 8 percent by the end of the next decade.

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Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Families
Tags Fiscal policy Economic well-being Children's budget
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population