Research Report Industry and Cross-Industry Worker Mobility
Experiences, Trends, and Opportunities for Low-Wage Workers in Health Care, Hospitality, and Child Care
Nancy M. Pindus, Daryl Dyer, Caroline Ratcliffe, John Trutko, Kellie Isbell
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The purpose of this study was to learn about occupational mobility within and across three industries: health care, hospitality, and childcare. Seven focus groups were conducted with low-age workers in three locations; 68 individuals participated. Fifteen interviews were conducted with employers and industry associations. The information collected was analyzed to understand how different industry structures and skill requirements might interact to promote a more favorable environment for low-skill workers; to identify opportunities for improved mobility and advancement of low-wage workers in certain service industries; and to recommend policy and research approaches that encourage and enhance these opportunities.
Research Areas Education Health and health care Children and youth Workforce
Tags Workforce development Workplace and industry studies Child care Long-term services and support