Fact Sheet Increasing Equitable Food Access via CSA Shares and Child Care Connections
Hmong American Farmers Association in St. Paul, Minnesota
Olivia Fiol, Emma Fernandez, Catherine Kuhns
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In 2020, the Walmart Foundation awarded grants to 11 community-based projects offering innovative approaches to supporting healthy food access. The grants focused on initiatives that improve access to fresh foods for regions and populations experiencing disproportionately high rates of food insecurity. The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA), one of the 11 grantees, focused on providing food grown by HAFA’s Hmong farmers to low-income immigrant communities and child care centers in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Key features of the initiative included providing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes to families and distributing fresh produce to home-based child care programs run by Hmong providers in order to incorporate fresh and culturally appropriate produce into meals served to younger children. We found that centering the voices and opinions of community members can improve the cultural relevancy and reach of efforts designed to facilitate healthy food access.


Research Areas Social safety net
Tags Emergency food networks Food insecurity and hunger Hunger and food assistance
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population Health Policy Center Research to Action Lab
Research Methods Qualitative data analysis
States Minnesota
Cities Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI
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