Brief Improving Homeownership Among Poor And Moderate-Income Households
Adam Carasso, Elizabeth Bell, Edgar O. Olsen, C. Eugene Steuerle
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No asset is more important in expanding opportunity and hedging against economic uncertainty than owning a home. While homeownership may not be for everyone, strong disincentives are created by federal policies that subsidize poor families to rent but cut off these subsidies should they choose to buy. Meanwhile, federal tax incentives for homeownership only go to those households owing tax--and typically the higher their income and the more expensive their homes, the larger the tax subsidy. Ownership incentives need to change to correct this inequity and better promote homeownership among the poor.
Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Families Taxes and budgets Housing Wealth and financial well-being
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Economic well-being Housing markets Individual taxes Income and wealth distribution
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population