Research Report Implementing Youth Violence Reduction Strategies: Findings from a Scan of Youth Gun, Group, and Gang Violence Interventions
Storm Ervin, Lily Robin, Lindsey Cramer, Paige Thompson, Rod Martinez, Jesse Jannetta
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Aspects such as community engagement, partnerships, flexible eligibility criteria, credible messengers, and relationships with law enforcement are critical to successful implementation of youth antiviolence interventions. Urban conducted a scan of practice of 14 interventions intended to reduce youth group and gun violence implemented across the country to learn more about implementing antiviolence strategies and to identify critical elements of implementation often missing from the research base. In this report, Urban aims to lift up the tactics, approaches, and methods intervention staff and partners, law enforcement professionals, justice system personnel, and community members deemed essential for successful implementation. The findings from the scan of practice informed the recommendations identified in Urban’s accompanying practice guide.

Research Areas Children and youth Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Youth development Gun violence Delinquency and crime Juvenile justice Policing and community safety Victims of crime
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center
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