Research Report Implementation of Accelerating Opportunity: Lessons for the Field
Theresa Anderson, Lauren Eyster, Robert I. Lerman, Maureen Conway, Ranita Jain, Marcela Montes
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Accelerating Opportunity (AO) combined integrated career pathways at two-year colleges with team teaching, acceleration strategies, supportive services, and policy changes. It aimed to help low-skilled adults earn occupational credentials, obtain well-paying jobs, and sustain rewarding careers. This final implementation report documents activities and outcomes for AO states and colleges in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Ingredients for successful implementation included receiving state leadership support, remedying policy barriers, considering college institutional factors, investing in team teaching, utilizing partnerships within and outside the colleges, and providing student supports.
Research Areas Education Workforce
Tags Higher education Workforce development Beyond high school: education and training
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population