Research Report Identifying Pathways for Upward Mobility
Gregory Acs, Kevin Werner, Kristin Blagg, Steven Martin
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We use data from the updated Social Genome Model to track the well-being of children from birth through age 30. We find that although almost half of all children are born into disadvantaged circumstances (such as being born into a family with low income), about 60 percent of all children are on track for healthy development while growing up and are economically stable and healthy by age 30. Stark differences emerge by race and ethnicity. Black, non-Hispanic and Hispanic children born into advantaged circumstances are less likely to be on track at age 30 than their non-Black, non-Hispanic counterparts born into disadvantaged circumstances.

Research Areas Education Wealth and financial well-being Children and youth Race and equity
Tags Racial equity in education Racial inequities in employment
Policy Centers Income and Benefits Policy Center