Research Report How Tulsa, Oklahoma, Responds to Survivors of Domestic Violence
Results from an Assessment of Services and System Responses for Domestic Violence Survivors and Victims
Storm Ervin, Erica Henderson
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The Urban Institute received funding from the George Kaiser Family Foundation to conduct a mixed-methods assessment of adult domestic violence (DV) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.1

The purpose of Urban’s study was to understand major programs, policies, services, and funding sources geared toward preventing and responding to adult DV survivors and recommend ways Tulsa could improve its response to domestic violence. The first part of the mixed-method assessment focused primarily on the largest service provider in Tulsa, Domestic Violence Intervention Services, Inc. (DVIS). The second part of the assessment focused on qualitative data collection with criminal legal and human services agencies and stakeholders to provide insight into the larger domestic violence landscape in Tulsa. Based on the assessment findings, we identified seven overarching recommendations – and examples of ways to implement each recommendation – for how Tulsa could improve its response to domestic violence. This report begins with recommendations and “how to” guidance on how responders in Tulsa can improve their response to DV to prevent violence, keep victims safe, and hold people who cause harm accountable. These recommendations are based directly on what we learned during our assessment. After this guidance, we provide the assessment findings that led to the recommendations.


1 Our assessment focused on Tulsa County specifically. Throughout the report we refer to the jurisdiction as “Tulsa.”

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