Fact Sheet How Racism and Sexism Lead Black Women to Entrepreneurship
Asheli S. Atkins
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Black women have faced racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination in the workplace for years, leading more and more Black women to exit the workplace to start their own businesses. Asheli Atkins explores the racialized and gendered nature of the workplace, Black women’s exit from the workplace and their decision to become entrepreneurs, and their strategies for navigating racism and sexism as business owners. 

In the fact sheet, Atkins presents an overview of the reasoning behind the workplace exits of Black women to entrepreneurship, highlights what current antidiscrimination policies fail to address, and sheds light on how Black women are currently navigating the workplace.

Research Areas Economic mobility and inequality Race and equity Workforce
Tags Women and girls Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Racial wealth gap Black/African American communities Economic well-being Worker voice, representation, and power Job markets and labor force Job opportunities Workplace and industry studies Employment discrimination Structural racism
Policy Centers Office of Race and Equity Research
Research Methods Qualitative data analysis
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