Journal Article How Much Will Medicaid Physician Fees for Primary Care Rise in 2013? Evidence from a 2012 Survey of Medicaid Physician Fees
Stephen Zuckerman, Dana Goin
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This brief presents 50-state data from the 2012 KCMU/Urban Institute Medicaid Physician Fee Survey. It estimates that average Medicaid fees to qualified physicians for Affordable Care Act primary care services will rise by 73 percent when the primary care fee increase takes effect on January 1, 2013, although there will be wide state variation. The paper presents data showing how states compare in their 2012 Medicaid fee levels, how Medicaid fees compared to Medicare fees, and how Medicaid fees have changed over time. This 2012 data on primary care fees provides a baseline for assessing the impact of the Medicaid primary care fee increase.
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