Fact Sheet How Local Workforce Development Boards Support the Needs of Parents
Shayne Spaulding
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Access to stable employment with adequate pay is critical for families’ stability and livelihood. The public workforce system helps job seekers access training and jobs and can contribute to the economic stability of children, yet we know little about how the system meets families’ needs. This fact sheet provides a picture of workforce program services for parents under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), based on a survey of workforce development boards (WDBs) that Urban conducted in 2017 in partnership with the National Association of Workforce Boards and Innovate+Educate. Although many WDBs are targeting families and putting in place partnerships, funding and services to meet their needs, there are opportunities to expand these efforts, to collect better data to inform services, and to improve state and federal policies that were reported as barriers to serving families.
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