Fact Sheet How the Federal Government is Working to End Homelessness
Sarah Gillespie, Mary K. Cunningham, Brandi Gilbert, Shiva Kooragayala, Lily Posey, Josh Leopold, Harry P. Hatry
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Veteran homelessness has fallen 47 percent since 2010. Though no one agency or organization can take full credit for this progress, many stakeholders we interviewed said that the US Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) played a critical role in helping communities achieve these reductions. But USICH, an independent agency tasked with coordinating the federal government’s strategy for ending homelessness, is scheduled to sunset in 2017 without congressional reauthorization. We interviewed over 50 national and local stakeholders—people who actively work to end and prevent homelessness—to better understand USICH’s efforts and who would be most affected if the agency sunsets.
Research Areas Housing
Tags Homelessness
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center