Case Study How ANDP Is Advancing Affordable Homeownership from Development to Down Payment
A Housing Innovation Program Case Study
Nyla Holland, Michael Neal
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Homeownership can be a key means of attaining financial stability and generational wealth. And yet Black households are less likely than white households to be homeowners, and the national homeownership gap between Black and white households is at its widest point since the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968. This case study focuses on Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP), an organization that aims to increase Black homeownership in Atlanta. A 32-year-old affordable housing nonprofit, ANDP is implementing a three-pronged affordable homeownership model to increase the number of affordable homes in the region, provide growth opportunities for Black-owned development and real estate firms, and help homebuyers with lower incomes access affordable mortgages. Through this model, ANDP hopes to generate $40 million in housing wealth for its homebuyers over the next several years.

Research Areas Housing Housing finance
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center Research to Action Lab
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