Research Report Housing Supply Chartbook: December 2021
Michael Neal, Liam Reynolds
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The lack of housing supply is a major challenge plaguing the nation. One estimate suggests that the housing shortage ranges between 5.5 million to 6.8 million homes since 2001. While other analysts find different point estimates, there is general agreement that the problem has become severe. This chartbook provides a series of data and trends that help illustrate where the issue is most acute. A common theme in this chartbook is the lack of affordable housing production, with a number of factors combining to raise costs and discourage construction activity. The federal government has a role to play addressing the lack of housing, but state and local decision-makers also hold policy levers key to arresting this growing concern. The economic motivation for solving the housing crisis is clear as housing is key to household well-being and represents approximately one-sixth of the nation’s gross domestic product. Amid one of the key challenges of our time, we hope the information in this chartbook will further affirm the need for action and sharpen the policy tools used to address the problem. 

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