Brief Housing Profile of Areas Affected by Hurricane Irma
Bing Bai, Sarah Strochak, Bhargavi Ganesh
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This fact sheet provides data on the housing market in the area affected by Hurricane Irma, including Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville. Data include the number of houses and mortgages, the percentage of single-family homes, the percentage of FHA and VA-insured loans, and the homeownership, delinquency, foreclosure, and negative equity rates. This fact sheet was updated February 2, 2018. On page 2, Miami's housing stock number was changed from 201,705 to 2,005,488.

Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Climate change, disasters, and community resilience Housing finance
Tags Housing and the economy Agency securitization Credit availability Climate resilient housing Impact of crises on housing Equitable disaster recovery Climate impacts and community resilience
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center
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