Research Report Housing as a Platform
Strengthening the Foundation for Well-Being
Maya Brennan, Martha M. Galvez
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This report summarizes the relationships between where a person lives and various dimensions of well-being to demonstrate how housing could offer a strong foundation for success in life. We illustrate how, for many low-income families and communities, our housing system fails to use the basic foundation of a home to ensure families can realize their full potential. We then identify entry points to address these failures and create a new reality in which the housing system more equitably supports individuals and families in improving health, advancing economically, providing a quality education for their children, or meeting other personal goals.
Research Areas Health and health care Wealth and financial well-being Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Aging and retirement Families Children and youth Housing
Tags Economic well-being Children's health and development Homeownership Families with low incomes Housing affordability Mobility Inequality and mobility Social determinants of health
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center