Research Report Homeownership for a New Era
Baseline Report on the Cornerstone Homeownership Innovation Program
Brett Theodos, Kenneth Temkin, Rob Pitingolo, Dina Emam
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Shared equity is a homeownership model that allows income-eligible families purchase homes at below-market prices and thereby provides a means of bridging the gap between a mortgage homebuyers are able to afford and the actual market cost to own a property. In return for the subsidized purchase price, the owner’s potential capital gains from home resale are restricted. This report details the baseline findings of an evaluation of nine shared equity homeownership programs in the United States. We describe their homeownership models, information on program applicants, strategies used to recruit homebuyers, and implications for policy and practice.
Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Housing
Tags Asset and debts Housing markets Homeownership
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center