Brief Home Health Hazards and Asthma: The Downstream Impacts on Youth in Southwest Latinx and Indigenous Communities
Fay Walker, Sonia Torres Rodríguez
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This memo examines the relationship between the incidence of childhood asthma and substandard housing with a focus on Latine and indigenous households in New Mexico and Arizona. BIPOC households are disproportionately impacted by both asthma incidence and substandard housing. Using state environmental public health tracking databases and Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy data we aimed to better understand the relationship between race/ethnicity, substandard housing, and asthma hospitalization and to lay out philanthropic strategies that seek to address upstream home health hazards that trigger childhood asthma. Future research should explore effective community-led research programs that prioritize housing as key determinant of health among BIPOC children, especially in the American Southwest. 

Research Areas Health and health care Children and youth
Tags Social determinants of health Latinx communities Youth development
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center