Research Report High-Tech Humanitarians
Airtel Uganda’s Partnership with DanChurchAid
Patrick Meagher, Ammar A. Malik, Edward Mohr, Yasemin Irvin-Erickson
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The world is in the midst of an unprecedented refugee crisis, and Uganda’s response to the influx of asylum-seekers from South-Sudan is considered successful and is therefore a valuable target for study and replication. Uganda accepts refugees regardless of point of origin and gives them the rights of freedom of movement and the opportunity to seek employment. This case study examines the official government and humanitarian agency response to increased refugee numbers, both in terms of policies and resources. It also focuses on telecommunication access and humanitarian cash transfers, and it analyzes the partnership between Danish Church Aid and Airtel Uganda.

Research Areas Global issues Immigrants and immigration
Tags Immigrant children, families, and communities International public administration and local government International social sector reform Refugees and global migration International development and governance
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