Research Report The Health Benefits of Parks and Their Economic Impacts
A Review of the Literature
Mychal Cohen, Kimberly Burrowes, Peace Gwam
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Parks and green spaces offer significant health benefits for users. They play a critical role in supporting mental and physical health and provide essential space for social gatherings and community events. Evidence on health benefits highlight the importance of contextualizing who has access to parks and green spaces and whether that access is equitable. This report comprehensively summarizes research on the health equity benefits of parks to support local leaders, park professionals, advocates, and others as they advance the field of park and green space health equity with more strategic investments. It explores four dimensions of health—physical, mental, social, and environmental—to demonstrate the range of health benefits from parks and green spaces and, where possible, the economic impacts of these contributions.

Research Areas Health and health care Climate, disasters, and environment Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Land use
Tags Social determinants of health Community and economic development Parks and green space
Policy Centers Research to Action Lab