Research Report Metrics to Make the GSEs’ Equitable Housing Finance Plans Count
Janneke Ratcliffe, Laurie Goodman, Alexei Alexandrov
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The effectiveness of the GSE’s Equitable Housing Finance Plans depends on building a strong impact and accountability framework. In this report, we propose a measurement regime based on the principles that the Urban Institute’s Office of Race and Equity Research uses to develop in examining the equity plans of federal agencies. Our framework considers three broad elements: whether the plan is built around a measurable, meaningful definition of equity as a north star; whether the plan functions as a system that facilitates and integrates establishing priorities, structuring programs and policies and engaging stakeholders, rather than an assortment of incremental numbers that can become a diversion; and the extent to which the agency is held accountable and progress measures are actionable and transparent to the public.

Research Areas Housing finance
Tags Housing finance reform Racial barriers to housing Racial homeownership gap Housing affordability
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center Office of Race and Equity Research