Presentation Growing and Supporting Diverse Nursing and Medical Workforces in California: Emerging Insights from Pathway Programs
Kimá Joy Taylor, LesLeigh D. Ford, Eva H. Allen, Faith Mitchell, Clara Alvarez Caraveo, Matthew Eldridge
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Building a diverse, well-supported health care workforce is necessary to help address racial disparities in health care access and outcomes and ensure all Americans have the opportunity to pursue and attain high-skilled, professional careers. Unfortunately, the health care workforce in the California and across the United States does not mirror the diversity of residents. With support from the California Health Care Foundation, the Urban Institute examined policies, programs, and practices that facilitate or obstruct increased health care workforce participation by people of color, particularly Black/African American and Hispanic/Latinx professionals. These two slide decks present preliminary findings from this study, focusing on findings and implications for California. 


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Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Workforce development
Policy Centers Health Policy Center
States California