Research Report Gender-Based Violence on Public Transportation
A Review of Evidence and Existing Solutions
James Ladi Williams, Ammar A. Malik, Sara McTarnaghan
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Women traveling on public transportation in cities experience gender-based violence, particularly sexual harassment, which harms their social and economic well-being. Several interventions to address gender-based violence on public transportation are gaining traction, although the evidence base supporting them is limited. Strategies that address this violence should acknowledge that (1) women have specific needs, (2) societal behaviors must change, (3) legal reforms can empower women, (4) transit agencies need more enforcement capacity, and (5) gender-disaggregated data are necessary. You can read the report on the US Agency for International Development’s Urban-links website.

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Research Areas International development
Tags International urban development and the environment Gender and international development Sexual violence
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center