Brief Future Steps to Bridge the Gap: Ideas to Meet the Child Care Needs of Low-Income Parents Pursuing Education and Training
Shayne Spaulding
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This is part of the Urban Institute’s series of reports from the Bridging the Gap project, which focuses on what we know about the child care needs of parents needing education and training.


Removing barriers to child care access for low-income parents participating in education and training is an important step in supporting the economic well-being of these families and creating positive outcomes for their children. This brief summarizes an April 2016 discussion of these issues by a diverse group of stakeholders, experts, practitioners, and policymakers. Focusing on four areas—research, policies, resources, and practice—it highlights some of their ideas to address challenges and identify solutions to meet the child care needs of low-income families. The brief and convening were funded with generous support of the Ford Foundation and are part of the Urban Institute's Bridging the Gap Project, which is exploring strategies for addressing the child care needs of low-income parents pursuing education and training.

Research Areas Families Children and youth
Tags Beyond high school: education and training Kids in context Inequality and mobility
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population