Research Report A Framework for Assessing Equitable Health Outcomes of Parks
Guidance for Park Practitioners and Local Leaders
Kimberly Burrowes, Mark Treskon, Jessica Shakesprere
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Parks and green spaces contribute significantly to the health and well-being of individuals and their communities. These health benefits are magnified when parks are equitable, meaning community members—regardless of race, income, age, or any other characteristic—have access to the space. But measuring health contributions and understanding their economic value can be time consuming and require data expertise. The Framework for Assessing Equitable Health Outcomes of Parks provides guidance for measuring health benefits and associated economic impacts. It gives park practitioners, local government leaders, and advocates directions for assessing how equitable their park system is, identifying how their park system improves health outcomes for users, and understanding how parks address health disparities. The goal of the framework is to help make the case for more strategic investments in parks and green spaces.

Research Areas Health and health care
Tags Community and economic development Health equity Social determinants of health Equitable development Environmental quality and pollution Health care spending and costs Neighborhood change Place-based initiatives Racial inequities in health Public health Racial inequities in neighborhoods and community development Parks and green space Health outcomes
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