Formative Evaluation of VictimConnect

Research Report

Formative Evaluation of VictimConnect

Preparing for Rigorous Evaluation of a National Resource Center


Launched in 2015 by the National Center for Victims of Crime, the VictimConnect Resource Center was the nation’s first (and is still its only) technology-based resource center to offer comprehensive helpline services to victims of all types of crime and their loved ones. In 2019, with funding from the National Institute of Justice, the Urban Institute launched a formative evaluation of VictimConnect in partnership with the National Center for Victims of Crime to understand its conceptual model and operations, engage in activities to assess its evaluability and build research capacity, and plan for a rigorous evaluation of its implementation and outcomes. This report provides an overview of these components, which are also detailed in Urban’s “evaluation toolkit” of seven briefs (see this report’s companion publications).


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Cross-Center Initiative: 
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