Brief Fathers Advancing Community Together
Perspectives of Parents Enrolled in the FACT Program
Paige Thompson, Cassandra Ramdath, Lindsey Cramer
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This brief presents results from a baseline survey of custodial and non-custodial parents enrolled in the Fathers Advancing Community Together (FACT) program offered by Rubicon Programs in Contra Costa County, California. FACT is a multi-faceted program designed to deliver responsible parenting, healthy relationships, and economic stability services on a voluntary basis to low-income fathers. Our survey findings reveal that FACT parents believe they have the necessary skills to be successful parents and recognize the importance of personal finance and long-term economic stability. In addition, FACT parents face challenges around securing childcare during the day while they attended program workshops, issues around effective coparenting and joint decisionmaking, and difficulty balancing the need to seek employment opportunities while attending the program during the day. These findings led FACT program staff continue to modify the program structure and service delivery to overcome these challenges and better serve parents.


This brief was updated October 27, 2020. On page 3, respondents replied to the online survey between March 2017 and February 2019, not between July 2016 and February 2019. In the second paragraph of the acknowledgments on page 19, the Office of Family Assistance is part of the US Department Health and Human Services, not Health and Homeland Security. In addition, figures and table callouts have been added, and some small formatting errors have been corrected, resulting in some reflowing of text throughout the brief.

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