Brief Exploring Educational Stability and Youth Justice Involvement in California
Susan Nembhard, Colette Marcellin, Azhar Gulaid
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Educational stability is a critical factor in youth involvement in the justice system – particularly among youth of color. In California specifically, school responses to student behavior can serve as nonjudicial drivers of higher rates of incarceration among youth of color. This memo examines county-level arrests and measures of educational stability among California youth, and identifies 10 California counties with particularly significant relationships between youth arrests and school enrollment and dropouts. It explores arrests, enrollment, and dropouts by race, gender, and English-learner status to investigate the relationship between educational stability, justice involvement, and intersecting identities. This memo provides changemakers with county-specific information that can help them understand and address structural issues related to educational stability and justice involvement among youth of color in California.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Nonprofits and philanthropy Children and youth Race and equity
Tags Racial and ethnic disparities Juvenile justice Delinquency and crime Schooling Racial and ethnic disparities in criminal justice Racial equity in education Youth development
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