Research Report Examples of Promising Practices for Integrating and Coordinating Eligibility, Enrollment and Retention: Human Services and Health Programs Under the Affordable Care Act
Stan Dorn, Sarah Minton, Erika Huber
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States and non-profit organizations have used three approaches to successfully integrate enrollment and retention of health and human services programs: 1. Streamlining one program's eligibility determination based on data from other programs. This approach has helped uninsured children receive and retain health coverage, helped low-income seniors obtain SNAP, and produced state administrative savings. 2. Coordinated administration of multiple programs. Administrative savings resulted when multiple programs integrated their systems for case records, data matching, eligibility rules engines, on-line applications, and benefit payment. 3. Coordinating enrollment. Community colleges exemplify sites for enrolling consumers into multiple health and human services at once.
Research Areas Health and health care Aging and retirement Taxes and budgets Children and youth Housing
Tags Social Security Health insurance Federal housing programs and policies Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program  Housing vouchers and mobility State Children's Health Insurance Program Children's health and development State and local tax issues Public and assisted housing
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