Brief An Evaluation of the Trauma-Informed Abusive Partner Intervention Program
Interim Results
Mel Langness, Storm Ervin, Marina Duane
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In 2018, the Urban Resource Institute received funding from the District Attorney of New York through the Criminal Justice Initiative to design and implement the Trauma-Informed Abusive Partner Intervention Program (the TI-APIP) for people who cause harm to their intimate partners. This program incorporates unique trauma-informed practices that better consider participants’ life histories in order to facilitate behavior change. Urban Institute is conducting process and outcome evaluations of the TI-APIP. This brief reflects our interim process evaluation findings. Our data demonstrates that the program is well-received by the participants; the facilitators have been able to deliver the curriculum effectively in the virtual environment during the COVID-19 pandemic; and, although referrals were slow at first, the program is now receiving a steady referral stream.

Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety
Tags Behavioral health and justice Family violence Intimate partner violence
Policy Centers Justice Policy Center
Research Methods Qualitative data analysis