Journal Article Evaluation of the Early Start to Emancipation Preparation - Tutoring Program
Los Angeles County
Mark Courtney, Andrew Zinn, Erica H. Zielewski, Roseana Bess, Karin Malm, Matthew Stagner, Mike Pergamit
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This report presents final process and impact study findings from one of four programs evaluated as part of the Multi-Site Evaluation of Foster Youth Programs. Impact findings were based on a two-year follow-up of youth who participated in a random assignment evaluation of the Early Start to Emancipation Preparation (ESTEP)Tutoring Program. The program was designed to improve reading and math skills of foster youth aged 14 and 15 who are one to three years behind grade level in reading or math. Youth who participated in the evaluation were randomly assigned to either a treatment group that was offered access to ESTEP-Tutoring or to a control group.
Research Areas Children and youth
Tags Child welfare
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population