Research Report Engaging Communities in Reducing Gun Violence: A Road Map for Safer Communities
Samuel Bieler, Kilolo Kijakazi, Nancy G. La Vigne, Nina Vinik, Spencer Overton
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Gun violence inflicts a devastating toll on communities of color, but the justice system response to this violence frequently destabilizes neighborhoods and damages police-community relations. To develop a better response, the Urban Institute, Joyce Foundation, and Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies convened more than 100 people from communities affected by violence. We learned that violence prevention demands a holistic set of solutions. Limiting access to firearms is part of the solution, but a comprehensive strategy will also require improving police-community relations, investing in community services, and facilitating community leadership in violence prevention efforts.

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Research Areas Crime, justice, and safety Neighborhoods, cities, and metros
Tags Juvenile justice Policing and community safety Gun violence
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