Ending Homelessness in Santa Monica

Research Report

Ending Homelessness in Santa Monica

Current Efforts and Recommended Next Steps
January 23, 2007


The City of Santa Monica occupies a unique place in Los Angeles County as one of the handful of the county's 88 cities to use its own money to fund homeless services. However, unlike other cities that do so, it participates in the larger county process of applying for HUD homeless funding and does not conduct any regular systematic planning around homelessness. Santa Monica wanted an objective, external examination of its system of homeless services, related activities of city government agencies, descriptions of people homeless in Santa Monica, program performance, system costs, and the views and potential contributions of many stakeholders including the business community, general public, local elected officials, religious congregations, and the county and state actors beyond Santa Monica who control many of the resources needed for an effective approach to ending homelessness. This report covers our findings on those issues and many recommendations for future action.

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