Research Report Employers, Young People, and Training and Support
Implementation Study of the Urban Alliance High School Internship Program
Brett Theodos, Michael Pergamit, Amelia Coffey, Devlin Hanson, Matthew Gerken, Katherine Thomas
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In this report, we present baseline and process study findings of an evaluation of the Urban Alliance High School Internship Program, which provides professional internships, mentorship and coaching, college and career skills training to high school seniors. The report focuses on the program’s operations in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, and Northern Virginia. It explains the program model and its components, describes the characteristics of participating young people and their schools and neighborhoods, discusses program implementation, quantifies attrition in the program, describes Urban Alliance’s plans for growth and change, and provides recommendations for further consideration as the program continues to evolve.

Research Areas Education Children and youth
Tags Youth employment and training Beyond high school: education and training Neighborhoods and youth development
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population