Effective Programs and Policies for Promoting Economic Well-Being

Research Report

Effective Programs and Policies for Promoting Economic Well-Being

Lessons from the Financial Security, Housing, Workforce Development, and Case Management Fields


Practitioners and policymakers understand that improving economic well-being among families with low incomes requires treating the causes: financial insecurity, joblessness, low-wage jobs, and expensive housing costs. This report is written for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers who are looking for ways to bring research to practice. The report identifies proven, promising, and emerging practices in the areas of financial security, workforce development, housing, and case management. Within each area, it highlights research on policies and programs, provides examples of common benchmarks and measures of success, and lists organizations working within these spaces.

For a short summary of highlighted interventions, see the fact sheet.

Cross-Center Initiative

Cross-Center Initiative: 
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