Brief Education and Employment of Disconnected Low-Income Men
Margaret Simms, Karina Fortuny, Marla McDaniel, William Monson
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This brief explores the education and employment outcomes of disconnected low-income men in 200810. These men have lower education levels than higher-income men. Among low-income men, Hispanics are less likely than African Americans and whites to complete high school. Low-income men are more likely to be unemployed and underemployed; African Americans are the most likely to be unemployed. Education and employment rates for low-income men vary considerably by metropolitan area.
Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Social safety net Race and equity
Tags Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Employment and income data Racial and ethnic disparities Race, gender, class, and ethnicity Men and boys Families with low incomes Racial barriers to accessing the safety net Racial inequities in employment
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population