Research Report E-Government and Regulation
The Department of Labor's Web-Based Compliance Assistance Resources
Katherine Lotspeich, Michael E. Fix
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The Urban Institute examined the Department of Labor's (DOL) web-based resources intended to increase information on Department rules and regulations. The report assesses firms' awareness of DOL's resources and reviews web-based compliance assistance in other regulatory agencies. The study represents one of the first explorations of the use of tools associated with e-government to achieve goals associated with regulatory reform. The authors find that 60 percent of contacted firms used DOL's website, often with private third-party sources (safety experts), and that DOL features more web-based tools than other federal agencies reviewed. The authors recommend research on the role of third parties delivering compliance assistance to determine whether assistance generates savings and who captures the savings--firms or third parties.
Tags Workplace and industry studies
Policy Centers Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population