Brief Diversity and Inclusion in Apprenticeship Expansion
Lessons from South Carolina
Daniel Kuehn
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This brief examines the effect of South Carolina’s “Apprenticeship Carolina” expansion initiative on the diversity of newly registered apprentice cohorts. Apprenticeship Carolina had no impact on people of color’s share of new apprenticeship positions, but dramatically increased women’s representation in apprenticeship. The growth in women’s participation is largely the result of the expansion of apprenticeship into occupations that traditionally employ women. These experiences are useful for guiding current and proposed federal expansion policies. Expansion efforts do not necessarily conflict with diversity and inclusion goals, although policymakers should continue to support women in traditionally male occupations.
Research Areas Education Wealth and financial well-being Race and equity
Tags Workforce development Racial and ethnic disparities Job training Mobility Women and girls Families with low incomes Racial equity in education Apprenticeships