Brief Diversifying the Real Estate Agent Workforce Should Also Ensure Agents of Color Equally Benefit from the Profession
Michael Neal, John Walsh
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Diversifying occupations within the real estate sector has emerged as a valuable approach to addressing racial disparities in housing outcomes. However, ensuring that individuals from diverse backgrounds entering the industry also enjoy the same financial advantages as their white counterparts is crucial. This analysis highlights that income disparities among real estate agents (REAs) mirror wider discrepancies in housing and labor market outcomes, along with specific challenges within the REA profession. To address this issue, we recommend a continued and intensified focus on advocacy to drive systemic changes in both housing and employment, accompanied by targeted measures to rectify inequities within the real estate field. By doing so, we can ensure that efforts to promote diversity in the industry result in sustainable and positive progress toward reducing the racial and ethnic homeownership gap.

Research Areas Housing finance Economic mobility and inequality Race and equity Wealth and financial well-being
Tags Racial homeownership gap Wealth gap Wealth inequality Income and wealth distribution
Policy Centers Housing Finance Policy Center