Brief Developing a Typology of Housing Policies
A Review of Policies Supported by Habitat for Humanity’s Cost of Home Campaign
Jorge González-Hermoso, Mark Treskon, Noah McDaniel, Arezo Azizi, Dennis Su, Ilina Mitra
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Advocacy groups nationwide are pushing for local and state policies that create more opportunities for families to live in affordable, stable, and adequate homes. One large-scale advocacy effort is Habitat for Humanity International’s Cost of Home campaign, which has assisted in the passing or approval of approximately 300 housing-related policies and policy decisions. This brief explores the full scope of the Cost of Home campaign by developing a typology of supported policies that provides a comprehensive look at the campaign’s intended impact. This typology categorizes policies by their scope (whether they are one-time wins or result in long-term system changes), mechanisms (how they intend to deliver impact), and expected outcomes or goals.

The list of policies we included in this analysis and their characteristics can be found in the Urban Data Catalog.

Research Areas Housing Nonprofits and philanthropy
Tags Housing stability Housing affordability Homelessness Homeownership Campaigns, proposals, and reforms Foundations and philanthropy
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
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