Research Report Developing Choice Neighborhoods: An Early Look at Implementation in Five Sites
Rolf Pendall, Martin D. Abravanel, Audra Brecher, Alex Curley, Elizabeth Davies, Megan Gallagher, Monica Getahun, David Greenberg, Taryn Gress, Chantal Hailey, Leah Hendey, Reed Jordan, Mark Joseph, Amy Khare, G. Thomas Kingsley, Nancy Latham, Diane K. Levy, Brianna Losoya, Jen McGraw, Hannah Melnicoe, Jamie Pfluecke, Kathryn L.S. Pettit, Susan J. Popkin, Khalid Rashid, Hortencia Rodriguez, Rachel Scheu
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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods Initiative aims to redevelop distressed assisted housing developments and transform their surrounding neighborhoods. This Interim Report introduces the first five implementation sites in Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Seattle and the plans for rebuilding them. Ranging from a few blocks to over two square miles, the sites vary greatly in their challenges, programs, and key actors. All five are making progress in this new phase of federal housing and community development and are addressing the challenge of coordination in their ambitious attempts to build mixed-income neighborhoods.

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Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Social safety net Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Federal urban policies Multifamily housing Housing affordability Housing subsidies
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center