Research Report Community Strategies to Understand and Reduce Veteran Inflow into Homelessness
Claudia D. Solari, Nicole DuBois, Jorge Morales-Burnett
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Communities cannot end homelessness among veterans if more veterans enter homelessness (“inflow”) than exit into housing (“outflow”). The Built for Zero initiative is guided by a desire to help communities create a lasting end to homelessness, which requires expanding the collective approach to homelessness beyond crisis interventions applied after someone becomes homeless. Four Built for Zero communities were selected to participate in the Veteran Inflow Pilot, which sought to understand veterans’ pathways into homelessness, identify promising strategies to reduce inflow, and implement strategies with measurable evidence of change. This report outlines their efforts and lessons learned throughout the pilot.

Research Areas Health and health care Housing
Tags Homelessness Veterans
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center
Research Methods Performance measurement and management