Research Report The Chicago Family Case Management Demonstration
Developing a New Model for Serving "Hard to House" Public Housing Families
Susan J. Popkin, Brett Theodos, Caterina Gouvis Roman, Elizabeth Guernsey
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The Chicago Family Case Management Demonstration is an innovative initiative designed to meet the challenges of serving the Chicago Housing Authority's (CHA) "hard to house"; residents. It involves a unique partnership of city agencies, service providers, researchers, and private foundations, all with a deep commitment to finding solutions for the most vulnerable families affected by the CHA's Plan for Transformation. The rigorous evaluation allows for continuous learning and mid-course corrections, and helped the team develop a validated model that other housing authorities can use. This report highlights the lessons learned during the first year implementation of the Demonstration.
Research Areas Race and equity Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Housing vouchers and mobility Housing markets Racial segregation Racial barriers to housing Public and assisted housing
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center