Brief The CHA's Plan for Transformation: How Have Residents Fared?
CHA Families and the Plan for Transformation Series
Susan J. Popkin, Diane K. Levy, Larry Buron, Megan Gallagher, David Price
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This overview presents findings from the Chicago Panel Study, a follow up to the Urban Institutes five-site HOPE VI Panel Study, to assess how the residents are faring as the Plan for Transformation progresses. We find that after 10 years, the story for CHA families is far more positive than many observersincluding ourselves would have predicted at the outset. Regardless of where they have moved, most families in our study are living in considerably better circumstances. However, the study also highlights the serious challenges that remain, most significantly, residents extremely poor health and persistently low rates of employment.
Research Areas Wealth and financial well-being Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Children and youth Families Housing
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Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center