Research Report Charitable Giving in Illinois
Linda M. Lampkin, Marie Gantz
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Despite a growing interest in philanthropy, spurred by a thriving economy, a bull market, and a high-tech industry that spawns new millionaires overnight, little information is available on how much individuals give to charity. According to estimates by the AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, a total of $134.8 billion was contributed by US residents in 1998. This constitutes 77 percent of the total $175.1 billion given by individuals, foundations, corporations, and bequests. About 44 percent of total giving was to religious organizations, and fifteen percent went to education nonprofits. A quarter of the contributions were divided among health, human services, and the arts, while three percent was given to environmental groups.

Research Areas Nonprofits and philanthropy
Tags Nonprofit data and statistics Charitable giving