Research Report Can Federal Efforts Advance Federal and Local De-Siloing? - Full Report
Lessons from the HUD-EPA-DOT Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Rolf Pendall, Sandra Rosenbloom, Diane K. Levy, Elizabeth Oo, Additional Authors
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In April 2012, Living Cities asked the Urban Institute to study the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, and the HUD Regional Planning Grants specifically, as a way to understand how the federal government could break down "silos," institutional or political barriers to cooperative and collaborative efforts. The research team reviewed key documents and conducted in-person interviews with personnel at federal agencies as well as organizations leading the regional planning grant projects in five case sites. These findings suggest that federal efforts can, in fact, contribute to breaking down silos both within the federal government and at the regional level.
Research Areas Neighborhoods, cities, and metros Housing
Tags Federal housing programs and policies Infrastructure Transportation
Policy Centers Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center